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Today's CatchOriginFrom  
King Salmon Alaska Wild    
Halibut Alaska Wild    
Triggerfish Florida Wild    
Swordfish Canada Wild    
Grouper North Carolina Wild    
Atlantic Salmon Faroe Islands Free Range    
Tripletail Florida Wild    
Mero Sea Bass Ross Sea Wild    
Fluke Massachusetts Wild    
Hake Massachusetts Wild    
Cod Massachusetts Wild    
Butterfish New Zealand Wild    
Mahi-Mahi New Zeland Wild    
Black Grouper North Carolina Wild    
Arctic Char Iceland Farmed    
#1 Yellowfin Tuna Florida Wild    
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What We're About

Clean Catch Fish Market is a full-service fish market offering the very best quality seafood from fisheries, producers and processors who have been certified against the leading standards for product quality, eco-labeling, sustainability, organic, traceability and responsible fishing.

Fish arrives daily and varies day-to-day depending on seasonality and availability. In addition to fresh seafood, we also offer a small selection of Chef prepared foods, organic and sustainable wines and other high-end accouterments.